Kitchener, Ontario Canada
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Design, develop and deliver in the digital age


Connect People with People

Lead groups to clarify issues, problem-solve and find solutions.

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Connect Steps in a Process

Work with organizations to define and redesign processes.

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Connect People to Strategy

Help organizations communicate their strategy and how it relates to individuals.

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Connect People with Concepts

Design engaging, learner-driven programs that help people perform better.

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Learning Solutions

“We’re introducing a new system and our employees need to know how to use it.”


Process Solutions

“Our process is complicated and inconsistent. When a client asks about the steps, the response they hear depends on who their talking to.”


Organization Solutions

“Our business is growing. We want our acquired companies to identify with our brand and culture.”

Latest Projects

  • Business leadership
    Business leadership

    “Our leaders can manage people. We want them to lead their department, plant or team – and to do it as if they owned it.” This manufacturing company...

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  • New employee orientation
    New employee orientation

    “We want our new employees to learn about our association but also the key skills they need when the join.” This elearning program focused on skills new employees...

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  • Senior Leadership Development Program
    Senior Leadership Development Program

    “We need to develop our local talent so we have qualified staff to draw from for senior roles.” Designed a three-year senior leadership program for this global not-for-profit...

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  • Training strategy for company growth
    Training strategy for company growth

    “We want to increase our profile by providing robust training to clients when they purchase our software.” This technology client recognized the need to provide professional, scalable training...

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What we do

  • Assess Needs
    Finding the right solution starts with understanding the need.
  • Design Solutions
    Solutions crafted around the individual, processes and the organization.
  • Implement Solutions
    Implementation requires sponsor commitment and awareness of the impact of the change.
  • Evaluate Solutions
    Evaluate program success against defined performance outcomes.