Design for Online: Getting started

Who is this webinar for?

This is a one-hour interactive webinar for learning and development professionals. You may work in a small or medium-sized organization, or you may be an independent consultant. 

You don’t have a team of trainers or instructional designers who can support you as pivot your in-person programs for online. You have to do it yourself and are wondering how to get started.

This free webinar will give you concrete tips and ideas to get you started.

How will this 1-hour webinar help you?

This is an engaging, interactive webinar. You will benefit by:

  • Experiencing online engagement technology so you can identify how to incorporate it into your online course.
  • Identifying online learning activities to replace in-person learning activities.
  • Learning from other L&D professionals.
  • Receiving an Online Learning Tips and Tricks quick reference document.

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  • Receive personal support for you or your team as they create quality online programs that seamlessly integrate technology and facilitation.
  • Learn my process and receive my templates and reference documents.
  • Leverage my expertise in adult learning, design and technology to create innovative, engaging online programs.
  • Have a current course critiqued to receive feedback on the design and facilitation.
  • Receive concrete ideas and resources to make your online courses as good as, or better than, in-person.

Email me if you have questions about the webinar or my other courses.