The Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams®

Performance Matters has partnered with Wiley to provide The Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams®  for team development and team coaching. It can be used with individuals on teams to enhance their effectiveness, or for members of in-tact teams to elevate their level of performance.

Based on the work of Patrick Lencioni’s international best-seller The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team helps teams apply The Five Behaviors model of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results to drive team effectiveness and productivity. 

As a certified coach, Hannah Brown takes a team coaching approach when working with teams and the Five Behavior model. 

Two Versions of The Five Behaviors: 
DiSC and All Types

The Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams can be used with DiSC as the underlying model, or All Types (which is Wiley’s version of MBTI).

The Five Behaviors: DiSC

The Five Behaviors: All Types

Two Applications of The Five Behaviors:
Team Development and Individual Development

There are two Five Behavior programs available to support team development in organizations. One is for designed for in-tact teams to develop a high performing team. The other is for individuals who work as part of a team and want to increase their team effectiveness.

Team Development for In-Tact Teams

The Five Behaviors model is very powerful when leaders use it to develop high performing in-tact teams. Each person completes an online assessment and receives a personalize report that includes personal and team information. The personal information has a foundation in either Everything DiSC of All Types (MBTI)* and helps highlight strengths and opportunities for development according to the Five Behaviors. The team information in the report is an amalgamation of the entire team’s ‘makeup’ and provides rich insight into how the team functions as a whole.

The assessments are supported by team coaching sessions to understand the model, the reports and start identifying steps the team can take to be more effective. In-tact teams can complete additional assessments over time that generate Progress Reports. These validate the progress the team has made and provide new insights into the next areas of focus.

Click here to download a sample report for an employee in an in-tact team.

Team Development for Individuals in Teams

The 5 Behaviors Personal Development supports employees who work in different teams. The employees complete an assessment and receive a personalized report that identifies their strengths in the 5 Behaviors. The report also identifies areas for development. This is a great tool for coaching employees and leaders to improve their effectiveness within their individual teams.

Click here to download a sample Personal Development report.

Five Behaviors Case Study

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The Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams®

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