Design for a Digital Age

Who is this program for?

If you are responsible for developing employees and are looking for ways to design better and faster, then this program is for you!

You might be in Human Resources and training is a small part of what you do. The training and development course in your CHRP didn’t provide you with the hands-on skills you need to quickly design effective training courses.

You might be in Learning and Development and want to refine your instructional design skills so your online courses are more engaging and they take less time to develop.

If this sounds like you, then read on!

How will this program help you?

This is an engaging online program. Be prepared to benefit by:

  • Learning content and models at your own pace.
  • Working on an actual training course you need to design.
  • Seeing good design and effective facilitation ‘in action’ so it’s role modelled for you.
  • Learning the processes I follow and receiving the templates I use with my clients.
  • Being supported between sessions through an online forum.
  • Learning from other professionals through discussions and opportunities for feedback.


This program includes these courses.

Design 101

  • Program welcome
  • Adult Learning Principles – why do they matter?
  • Know your learners
  • Business, performance and learning objectives
  • Sequencing learning
  • Delivery channels
  • Plan for evaluation – start with the end in mind

Virtual Training

  • Technology for online delivery
  • High-Level Design
  • Program Materials
  • Virtual Facilitation


  • Types of evaluation
  • From theory to practice
  • Reporting results

Course format

This is how you’ll learn in each course.


    In each course:

    • Learn content, models and receive templates through independent learning.
    • Use worksheets and templates to apply what you’ve learned to a course you are designing.
    • Join weekly online sessions to learn from colleagues and get support from me, Hannah Brown.

    Gain instructional design skills and immediately apply them to your job so you can easily create online programs that engage and develop your employees.

    Learning Objectives

    In this program you will:

    Design 101

    1. Apply adult learning principles to design a training course.
    2. Identify business objectives for your course. 
    3. Create performance and learning objectives.
    4. Use models to sequence topics to promote learning.

    Virtual Training

    1. Identify technologies that will support your online course.
    2. Identify when to use which delivery channels to maximize learning outcomes.
    3. Use a template to create a high-level design for your online course.
    4. Use a template to design a Facilitator’s Guide for your online course.
    5. Use templates to create slides and participant materials for your online course.
    6. Practice facilitating and receive feedback from peers.
    7. Discuss tips for preparing and facilitating online courses.


    1. Create a plan for evaluating the impact of your course.


    Monthly start dates

    Start the program on the first of each month. Join others who are starting and folks already enrolled in the program.

    The standard duration is 2 months, but you can subscribe for additional months if you want to continue learning.



    January 2022, February 2022, March 2022, April 2022

    Three courses in core program for a 2-month duration. Additional months purchased separately.



    Participant Feedback

    Design for a Digital Age is a redesign of an online program I launched in 2020. This is feedback is from participants in the original program.

    Hear two participants share how they used the process and templates in the program to shorten their design time.
    Hear how her work has changed as a result of the program.
    Hear how positively her particpants responded to her online program.


    • One-hour free webinar.
    • Gain concrete tips and techniques for online design.
    • Have a current course critiqued to receive feedback on the design and facilitation.
    • Receive concrete ideas and resources to make your online courses as good as, or better than, in-person.
    • Receive personal support for you or your team as they create quality online programs that seamlessly integrate technology and facilitation.
    • Learn my process and receive my templates and reference documents.
    • Leverage my expertise in adult learning, design and technology to create innovative, engaging online programs.
    Email me if you have questions about the program or the services.