Curriculum Design and Learning Strategy

March 2017

We want to provide value-added service to our members by providing a structured program for their development.

Business Need

CCCC had a wealth of resources available to their member organizations. They wanted to use these resources and their internal expertise to create online courses in areas such as Board Governance, Human Resources, and Leadership.

Needs Assessment

The engagement started with a needs assessment that included:

    • Meeting with stakeholders to clarify the business objective.
    • Reviewing CCCC’s internal resources to understand the nature of the content and how it would shape the design.
    • Interviewing CCCC members to determine how they would benefit from this additional offering.

Learning Strategy and Curriculum Design

The needs assessment resulted in a learning strategy and curriculum design that identified the design principles:

    • Tiered, to accommodate different levels of expertise and experience in each topic.
    • Role agnostic, so learning assets can support multiple roles, courses and programs.
    • Integrated, to build on existing training materials and leverage online resources.
    • Engaging and relevant, to appeal to busy professionals and volunteers.
    • Flexible, to accommodate a modular or linear approach, and to work with individuals and in-tact teams.

The design and strategy incorporated different delivery channels, including online learning, on-the-job application activities, self-directed learning, etc.

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Custom In-person Workshop

18 months after the initial engagement, CCCC asked Hannah to create a custom workshop for the course authors who were subject matter experts in their respective fields. In the workshop, the course authors learned how to write learning objectives to guide course design, how to determine the appropriate delivery channel, and how to segment courses into learning topics.

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