Elearning to Support Culture Change

August 2012

We’ve been acquiring companies and we want to clearly define our one brand and culture to our customers and employees.

Business Need

As a Financial Technology (FinTech) company, this client wanted a training solution that would reflect its technology industry.

Needs Assessment

The engagement began with a needs assessment to understand their desired culture change, clarify how the training solution would integrate with the broader culture initiative, and to identify a learning platform to host the online training courses.

Training Solution Integrated with Social Learning Platform

Hannah recommended Curatr by HT2 as the learning platform because it provided:

  1. Social learning, gamification and microlearning naturally in its design.
  2. The ability to incorporate a variety of content – custom-designed, curated, online courses, etc.
  3. An engaging and user-friendly interface.
  4. An easy-to-use administrative interface for the client to generate reports.

The training solution included two types of online courses within Curatr.

Stand-alone elearning courses that:

  • Illustrated an example of one of the leadership competencies that shaped the desired culture.
  • Communicated concepts through a comic book storytelling approach.
  • Leveraged Curatr’s social learning and gamification functionality.

Progressive, four-part scenarios that:

  • Presented a situation that integrated multiple leadership competencies.
  • Asked participants to discuss online how they would respond.

Client Impact

The client saw a 30% increase in employee engagement and completion rates compared to other elearning programs they launched through their Learning Management System (LMS).

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This project was completed through Benchmark Performance.