Performance Management for Managers and Employees

March 2011

Our approach to setting objectives is different for management, union and non-union staff. We want to increase our transparency and have a hands-on session where teams work together to set their annual objectives.

Business Need

This Crown corporation wanted to have the same Performance Management Process for managers, non-union and union employees.

Performance Management Solution

Hannah drew on her experience with performance management processes with other clients and recommended an approach that incorporated their existing systems and reflected their culture. Hannah documented the process in a common Reference Guide for all employees that:

  • Aligned with the client’s values and performance standards.
  • Explained the process emphasizing transparency and commonality between managers and employees (union and non-union).
  • Provided examples and techniques of successful manager-employee performance conversations.
  • Highlighted the alignment between the organization’s corporate objectives and the employee’s performance objectives.


In addition to creating the Reference Guide, Hannah facilitated workshops to explain the Performance Management Process. Employees then worked in in-tact teams to clarify the organization’s objectives, the manger’s objectives, and how they cascade to the team and the individual employee. As a facilitator, Hannah worked with the managers and their teams to help them apply the new Performance Management Process, manage team dynamics, and help ensure alignment from the organization’s strategy to the individual employee.

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This project was completed through Benchmark Performance.