Privacy & Security elearning

October 2013

We want to elevate our compliance training to make it more engaging and interactive for our employees across the organization.

Business Need

As with many organizations, this FinTech (Financial Technology) company is required to provide annual Privacy and Security training for all employees. They wanted to redesign their existing elearning program, which had limited interactivity, and provide a new engaging learning experience for employees across their organization.

Elearning Solution

Hannah worked with the Learning Consultant and the business Subject Matter Expert (SME) to create an online, game-based approach that engaged learners and brought the content to life through different scenarios. The design followed adult learning principles by allowing learners to choose their path. It incorporated gamification elements such as points and levelling up.

To meet regulatory tracking requirements, learners’ progress was tracked as they completed different rounds.

Client Impact and Subsequent Engagements

The client was so pleased with the course and the employee feedback, they invited Hannah to create two additional compliance elearning courses, Health and Safety and Incident Investigation.

Learn More

Watch this short video, which provides a sample of the course.

This project was completed through Benchmark Performance.