Redesigning Process at a Municipality

June 2011

We want to improve our customer experience. Our process varies depending on who you ask. The customer interacts with different staff throughout the process and has a disjointed experience.

Business Need

This municipality in South Western Ontario wanted to streamline its site plan application process and improve its customer experience. The current process was not clearly defined, was unnecessarily complicated and inconsistently applied to different customers.

Consultative Approach

Hannah consulted with stakeholders (City staff, Contractors, Builder, etc.) to identify a streamlined process that met all of the requirements and was easy to understand. Hannah documented it in a succinct, visual brochure and a more detailed Reference Manual.

In-Person Training Sessions

Once the process was designed and documented, Hannah and her team designed and facilitated in-person courses for City Staff, industry developers, planners and consultants.

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This project was completed through Benchmark Performance.