Strategy to Align Leadership to Organization’s Vision

October 2014

We have a new executive leader and we need to understand how our current leaders fit with his new vision of leadership.

Business Need

The senior leadership changed at this regional municipality in Ontario. They wanted to assess their approach to Leadership Development to ensure alignPartnerment with the new corporate vision.

Needs Assessment

The needs assessment focused on understanding the current situation and clarifying the desired state, and included:

  • Interviews with executives and managers.
  • Focus groups with stakeholders across the organization.
  • An online survey with different divisions.

Strategic Recommendations

The recommendations focused on learning strategy, leadership development, and coaching.

  • Learning Strategy defined the areas of ownership for corporate learning and division learning; and, identified the opportunity to develop an in-house program versus sourcing external partners.
  • Leadership Development identified the need for a High Potential employee (HIPO) development program in addition to existing leadership development courses.
  • Coaching was identified as a valuable addition to formal leadership training courses.

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This project was completed through Benchmark Performance.