Training and Accreditation Standards

August 2017

We are a group of provincial regulators and want professionals in our industry to have comparable licensing training regardless of in which province they get licensed. We want to develop training and examination standards for all course providers.

Business Need

These provincial regulators in financial services wanted to create a harmonized approach for licensing education and accreditation.

Research and Standards for Licensing Training and Accreditation

Hannah led the team to research industry, training and accreditation standards in Canada and abroad. The team also researched current training and accreditation approaches in different jurisdictions across Canada in order to obtain baseline data.

From this research, we recommended standards in these categories:

  • Infrastructure.
  • Course administration.
  • Curriculum and individual courses.
  • Course exams.
  • Course results and evaluation.

In addition to the standards, we researched and made recommendations on the course accreditation process. The project deliverables included:

  • Various reports summarizing the initial research.
  • User Guide documenting all of the standards.
  • Accreditation Guide recommending a process for a province to accredit courses.
  • Checklist for Accreditors to use when evaluating courses.
  • Animated video explaining the initiative and the business need.


The project concluded with an interactive online course to introduce the standards to industry stakeholders.

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This project was completed through Benchmark Performance.