Training Strategy for Company Growth

November 2011

We want to increase our profile by providing robust training to clients when they purchase our software.

Business Need

This technology company was scaling up its operations and needed a new way to train their clients on how to use their software. They wanted a learning strategy so they could provide professional, scalable training to their customers in order to successfully grow their business.

Needs Assessment

In the needs assessment, Hannah reviewed their internal processes and service offerings, met with internal stakeholders and clarified the client’s expectations.

Training and Organizational Recommendations

The recommendations included a learning strategy that focused on:

  • Organization structures.
  • Organization processes.
  • In-house learning and development capabilities.
  • A multi-faceted curriculum design for new customers to learn the client’s software.


The client implemented the recommendations beginning with hiring an internal Learning and Development professional. Hannah recruited candidates and completed the initial screening. Once the person was hired, Hannah supported the onboarding process by coaching the individual on the learning strategy and how she could implement the recommendations.

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This project was completed through Benchmark Performance.