Performance Matters supports organizations through learning strategy and curriculum, design for in-person, online and elearning, and implementation through facilitation and coaching.

Who I work with

I help others train and develop others. Often this is other learning and development professionals. I’m finding more and more that there are groups of people who ‘fall into’ training others. You might not have a formal background in adult education or instructional design, but you train and develop others.

Here’s an analogy that describes the different types of clients I work with.

Do you identify as a chef or a home cook?

How I help

These are the services I provide to help clients employee change behaviour and improve performance in their organizations.

Learning Strategy

Align learning initiatives with organizational strategy to achieve results.

Curriculum Design

Leverage technology to engage new employees and reduce their time to competence and confidence.

Instructional Design: In-person

Peer learning is critical and creating a safe space to collaborate and apply concepts is central to learning.

Instructional Design: Virtual

Interactive and engaging online design for content that needs discussion and employees who are remote.

Instructional Design: elearning

Interactive and engaging asynchronous design for straightforward content so employees can learn at their own pace.


One-on-one targeted sessions to help leaders address a professional challenge by increasing awareness and developing new skills.


Dynamic facilitation in-person or online to teach new concepts, develop skills, and generate discussion to further understanding.