AWARD WINNER – Blended Learning to Mitigate Risk

December 2019

We need a better way to onboard our new team members each year so they keep our youth safe and are better equipped to manage risk.

Business Need


Shad Canada provides an immersive, academic STEAM program to high school students across Canada. They wanted to enhance their onboarding training for summer team members to reduce risk. They were looking for an elearning program that was grounded in their policies and procedures, tracked completion, and engaged their tech-savvy individuals.

Needs Assessment

The needs assessment included reviewing Shad Canada’s existing course, policy and procedure documents, and talking with key stakeholders to:

  • Clarify the training and business need.
  • Understand the current approach.
  • Learn about Shad Canada’s program and culture.
  • Determine the best approach for their culture and audience.

Blended Training Solution: elearning and in-person training

The needs assessment identified that a blended solution with elearning and in-person sessions would be the best approach for Shad Canada’s culture.

  • The scenario-based elearning introduced risk concepts and tools and allowed participants to apply what they learned to a realistic situation. The elearning course provided Shad Canada with a consistent message, the ability to track completion, and appealed to the tech-savvy team members.
  • The in-person sessions also used scenarios to highlight more nuanced, complex situations. Program Directors facilitated these sessions and managed the discussion to support learning.

Award Winner

In 2019 Performance Matters and Shad Canada were recognized with the award, “Standard Achievement, Designing Learning Experiences” from the Institute for Performance and Learning (I4PL) for this program. This national award recognizes performance and learning projects that embrace the standards of excellence, and are a way to celebrate the profession’s most innovative people and their projects.

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