Coaching Role-plays in Virtual Classroom

September 2011

We want to provide coaching training to all our member firms so they can have meaningful, honest coaching conversations.

Business Need

This professional services firm wanted to provide leaders and managers in their global organization with skills and resources to enhance their communication with each other and their clients. The employees were geographically dispersed, so they wanted a flexible approach that would work with in-person and online/virtual delivery.

In-person and Virtual Classroom Training

Hannah designed one course for both classroom and virtual classroom delivery. The course focused on applying concepts, using mini-cases and role-plays, and incorporated on-the-job activities. The organization was using several coaching and feedback models, which were synthesized into one corporate approach to use globally. The course included a quick reference that summarized the key concepts, including the new global model to support employees when applying concepts in their job.

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This project was completed through Benchmark Performance.